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Should You Get a TPO Roof?

Updated: May 4, 2021

When you look at the picture of the flat roof to the left here, you will notice that it is "cooked," well past its life. But after you already know that your flat roof is done, what type of roofing should you put on there. EPDM? Rolled? Torch-down? – How about TPO!

TPO roofing looks a lot like a pool liner, and actually has quite a few similarities. TPO roofing has many advantages over the typical roof that many would put on a flat roof. What are those?

For one, it is a commercial grade product, so it is durable and tends to last a long time in a residential roof. It is also light colored typically, which makes temperature differentials less of an issue. And (very importantly) it is relatively maintenance free. Besides the cost of it, it is an incredible product!

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