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Modular Homes

Have you ever considered buying a modular home? They are a great alternative to a traditionally built home. So what’s the difference?

A modular home is built off site, usually in a large facility. Whereas a traditionally built home is built on-site. Also, instead of being built as one large home, modular homes are built in sections, delivered to the site, and then assembled.

There are a lot of advantages to buying a modular home. Normally you would be able to see the area where it will be made, and possibly meet at least the foreman or a manager. You will also likely be able to tour one or more of the homes that the manufacturer builds, as most of these types of companies have display models. You can also be reasonably confident that they will do a good job with the house, as they likely have built that same house many times.

Something to watch out for as a word of caution though – many times one company builds the home and delivers it, but another puts it together and finishes it. The finishing company may be left up to your choice – be sure to be cautious. These companies can be problematic, so do your homework and normally the lowest bidder is not the one you want.

(Attic from a modular home)

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